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Attention Executive Directors:

Are budget and performance demands overwhelming your nonprofit organization?

You can Accelerate Performance to create a high-performing organization that delivers on the promise of your mission.

These days, leading a high-performance, high-impact, sustainable nonprofit organization may feel a little like mission impossible.  The expectations that funders, elected officials and community members place on nonprofit organizations are enormous.  Demand for services is increasing in lock-step with the competition for funds. It is hard to see how you are making a difference when you are striving to survive. Especially when so much of an executive’s time is spent putting out fires, filling out reports, raising money, and managing the competing needs of so many different stakeholders.

The good news is that it is possible for you to raise more money, cut costs without cutting effectiveness and improve the quality of your service – so you can make a greater impact. To get there, you have to scale a number of hurdles:

  • You have to leverage existing resources and create new ones in order to ensure a constant flow of revenue for program funding
  • You must design and manage programs that create measurable results, and
  • You must develop a culture of accountability that inspires leaders and project teams to meet – and exceed – project goals.

Are you ready to start moving the needle on the results you achieve in fundraising… performance outcomes… employee and volunteer engagement?

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