How We Work

Investment that Benefits Your “Mission-Driven” Bottom Line

At Accelerate Performance, we believe that service, knowledge and support are powerful forces. We believe it is an honor to help dedicated professionals set and achieve goals that raise the bar on service to others.  We also understand that the decision to raise the bar on your results and impact requires a commitment, as well as an investment of time, energy, and resources. That is why we provide convenient, cost-effective options to increase your organizational performance and leadership capacity.

Once you have made decision to work with us, the coaches at Accelerate Performance can deliver a variety of resources and solutions to help improve your results in four key areas of operation.

1. Developing a more sustainable organization. Learn how to leverage existing resources, increase corporate sponsorships and in-kind donations, and diversify your funding with more donor-based giving.
2. Strengthening and expanding nonprofit leadership. Explore leadership practices to “deepen your bench,” improve strategic and operational planning, mobilize successful teams, and increase accountability to accomplish performance goals.
3. Implementing and tracking performance. Improve your ability to pursue aggressive goals that increase your productivity, position your organization for the future, and put systems in place to prove you are making a difference.
4. Increasing community engagement and commitment. Grow the number of volunteers, corporate partnerships, and cross-sector collaborations and relationships that will help to advance your mission.

If that sounds like what your organization needs to accelerate its performance, we invite  you to explore our services.