You Are Mission-Driven…But You Struggle to Achieve the Impact You Know is Possible

Accelerate Performance works with leaders of established, progressive organizations that make a difference in their communities. Our clients run organizations, associations and government agencies that differ in staff size, budget and purpose. They share an uncanny ability to get things done in spite of numerous constraints and limited resources. But the demands on their organizations are rising faster than their capacity to respond.

Do These Challenges Ring True for You?

  • Day-to-day management responsibilities and reporting requirements leave little to no time to improve or expand current operations.
  • Your stakeholders value your services, but translating your value into a set of numbers and evidence of impact that funders expect is hard to do.
  • Finding the dollars to fund program services and to become more sustainable is extremely difficult.

If any of these challenges sound familiar, you are in good company. However, to solve these types of challenges requires a leader to be open to change—to learn new skills, and even to lead—in new and different ways. Our clients make that commitment. Once they do, Accelerate Performance provides them with solutions and resources that help them become more effective leaders and get the results they desire.

Are you ready to:
-       Make the commitment to be open to change?
-       Leverage your time and existing resources more effectively?
-       Examine better ways to measure your performance and tell your story?
-       Explore ways for your organization to become more sustainable and scalable?
-       Achieve performance breakthroughs that result in greater impact?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of the items listed above, contact Accelerate Performance to schedule a complementary coaching call to discuss how you can begin to convert your challenges into possibilities, and move the needle on achieving your mission.